How we will Install cPanel on Centos7 easily

cPanel/WHM could be a well-known business net hosting electrical device wont to manage the net hosting server with a straightforward to use graphical user interface.


  • A clean installation of Centos 7 -minimal version
  • At least 1GB of RAM, but we recommend 2GB for  better performance
  • 25-30 GB of disk space as per the requirements
  • A valid hostname 

Installation steps:

  1. Set a valid hostname on the server:
    # hostname
  2. Install Curl, Perl, and Screen on the server:
    # yum install -y perl curl screen
  3. In some OS versions, NetworkManager will be installed even in minimal templates. We need to remove it before installation:
    # yum remove NetworkManager
  4. Please check and make sure that Selinux is disabled
    # setenforce 0
  5. Download and install cPanel using the following commands:
    # cd /home
    # screen
    # curl -o latest -L
    # sh latest
  6. The installation will take almost 40-50 minutes to complete as per the internet speeds and the server performance. Once the installation  is completed, you will be able to access it with the port 2087 like the following:


  7. You can use the root login details to access the WHM panel using the above URL. You need to complete the initial setup and the panel is ready to use.
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