How to change default RDP port on Windows Server

RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol) may be a protocol that permits you to attach to a Windows machine remotely. The default port set for RDP is 3389. we are able to modification that default port of your Windows server as a locality of accelerating the safety. you'll watch the video tutorial for this by clicking here. The steps area unit provided below:

1.Search for 'Regedit' within the windows search space and click on on the 'Regedit' button.

Navigate the options to the following Registry Key:

  1. Right-Click or double click on the PortNumber option and you will get a box to edit the values. Change the selection to 'Decimal' and set your custom port there. 

  2. Once done, click on and you can close the 'Regedit' window.
  3. Then we need to allow the custom port in the Windows Firewall if the firewall is active on your server.
  4. Open the windows firewall option from search and click on 'Inbound Rules' and then click on 'New Rule' at the right side of the page.

  5. Select the rule type as 'Port' and click next.

  6. You can see the 'Specific Local Port' option and you need to provide your custom port there and click next.

  7. Just press the 'Next' option for the next 2 steps and in the final step, you can provide a rule name and press 'Finish'.

  8. You are done with the changes and you have to restart the server to get those changes to take effect. 
  9. Next time, you need to specify the port with your IP address like when accessing RDP.















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