How to Install Memcached in cPanel/WHM panel

It is a Free & open supply, superior, distributed memory object caching system, Memcached is straightforward however powerful. Its easy style promotes fast readying, easy development,
and solves several issues facing massive knowledge caches.

- Login into your WHM.
- visit code section and choose Module Installers.
- Click on Manage button of PHP Pecl language module.

- underneath notice a PHP Pecl search bar, hunt for "memcache" and click on on Go button.

- From the search results, install each memcache & memcached.

- At the tip of every installation, scroll all the way down to make certain every of them put in utterly and didn't provide any errors. If you receive a dependency error whereas putting in memcached.
connect with server via SSH and run following command.
#yum install libmemcached.

- Once these PHP Pecls area unit put in, restart apache service by supply following command in SSH.
#service httpd restart

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