Easily Install cPanel or WHM panel

If you are doing not have own license for cPanel & WHM, you would like to get license and acquire one for your IP address before you try the installation from Cpanel store.
- The CPanel Store offers 15-day take a look at licenses at no value.
- If nobody has ever authorised your IP address before, your IP address mechanically receives an endeavor license.
- you are doing not want a license so as to put in cPanel.

The hostname ought to be within the sort of FQDN(fully qualified domain name).
Ex: server1.hostname.com

Operating System
- cpanel supports kernal based mostly operational systems like CentOS, Cloud UNIX and RedHat.
- New installations of cPanel & WHM on CentOS servers should use CentOS version half dozen.5 or later.
- we tend to advocate that you just use the negligible installer, for CentOS seven.

Login to putty SSH
Login in SSH of your server with default port and correct login details, Run the subsequent command to put in latest cPanel/WHM on server.

# cd /home && curl -o latest -L https://securedownloads.cpanel.net/latest && sh latest

Note: The installation of cPanel/WHM panel takes 60-90 Minutes certify your web is constant whereas installation is underprocess. Disconnection of web can cause re-installation of software package and cpanel.

Access cPanel, WHM and Webmail
After succesfull installation, you'll be able to access the cPanel/WHM with default ports as follows:

- cPanel: https://YOUR_IP:2083

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