How to Check OS version of linux server

You can check the worker OS renditions and other data like dispersion name and bit form by following the orders as underneath:

You need to utilize the accompanying order:

- uname

Print current bit form by following order

# uname - r

Print all data of piece variant

# uname - a

- lsb_release

Print dissemination form of OS

# feline/and so forth/*release

Or then again

# lsb_release - a

-/proc/rendition document

Print the bit form is as of now running, It incorporates the substance of proc/sys/portion/ostype,/proc/sys/part/osrelease and/proc/sys/bit/adaptation documents

# feline/proc/rendition

or on the other hand

# feline/proc/sys/part/{ostype,osrelase,version}

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