How to PHP Installation Appears To Be Missing the MySQL Extension

“PHP installation seems to be missing the MySQL extension” is a typical error in WordPress, if you're fixing a WordPress CMS on a replacement Linux VPS. You get the message of missing MySQL extension as a result of this extension isn’t by default obtainable in several operative systems. during this tutorial, you may learn to repair this downside and complete the WordPress installation with success. Don’t get panic if you get the missing a PHP extension error. If you see the below message on your screen whereas accessing the WordPress installation via browser, then you're one in all the various WordPress users that face identical problem:

Follow the below steps to resolve this error:

Connect via SSH and Check the PHP Version
Ensure that you've got a SSH access to the server. Using SSH, hook up with your UNIX operating system VPS and check the PHP version that you just ar presently using:

Create information.php File

Alternate manner of checking the PHP version is by making a simple info.php file in your public_html directory with the below content:

After making the file, open your alternative of application program and access the file.

Update the specified Packages

In case you're running associate degree Ubuntu VPS and PHP seven, then execute the subsequent commands:

Restart the online Server

Next, you'll have to be compelled to restart your Apache service for the changes to require impact, or just in case you're mistreatment Nginx + PHP-FPM, then you'll have to be compelled to restart the PHP-FPM service.

Update PHP

If you're running PHP five, run the below commands:

Then you must restart the acceptable service for the changes to require impact.

Search All the on the market Packages Containing MySQL
In order to go looking all the on the market packages that contain mysql, you'll use the below command:

Or, if you're running a CentOS VPS that contains PHP seven put in on the server, then execute the below commands to repair the error:

Restart Apache

You will ought to restart Apache or the PHP-FPM service if you're victimization Nginx + PHP-FPM as an online server. If PHP five is put in on your CentOS server, execute the subsequent commands:

Then you ought to restart the acceptable service for the changes to require impact. In order to go looking all the offered packages containing mysql, you'll execute the subsequent command:

After putting in the MySQL extension for PHP, you'll be able to switch back to your WordPress setup. If the installation goes OK, the message concerning the missing MySQL extension won’t seem. you'll be able to then continue along with your WordPress setup.

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