How to copy a MySQL table with phpMyAdmin?

This article can cowl a simple bit-by-bit procedure on a way to copy a table with phpMyAdmin settled at intervals the cPanel control board.

Perform the subsequent steps to try and do thus :

1) Log into your cPanel account.

2) Scroll down to Databases and click on phpMyAdmin.

3) choose the info and table that you just would like to repeat.

4) Go to the Operations section.

5) find a box named ‘Copy table to (database, table).’

6) choose either choice from ‘create a replica of the table’ to this info (usually it's elite by default) OR ‘copy the table to a special database’.

7) opt for your info name from the drop-down box choice and therefore the name of the table to repeat the structure and/or knowledge into.

Choose from the subsequent choices before moving forward :
(i) Structure only :

This option creates a replica of the table and its name. Note that the choice doesn’t copy knowledge.

(ii) Structure and knowledge :

This option permits you to repeat the table at the side of its name, and additionally copies the information that it contains to the destination you decide on more within the method i.e. INSERT INTO >> choose * FROM …..

(iii) data only :

By clicking this radio button, you merely would be able to copy the information to the destination.

After this, you may be asked to decide on whether or not you would like to drop the table that you just square measure repeating to before making the table and repeating the information. This runs a DROP TABLE IF EXISTS question for the copy of the table and not the initial one. It changes don't seem to be effective if you decide on knowledge solely copy choice.

Then you get the associate choice to like better to copy the auto-increment price, confirm you wish to try and do it manually. The auto-increment price gets the finish to no matter it's, once the INSERT INTO question is finished. If you check the box then it might activate the produce TABLE syntax which has the auto-increment price from the initial table.

At the last, you may see the choice that's termed as “Switch to traced table”, because the title suggests that you’d be converted to the traced table once the queries square measure completed. just in case you allow it uncurbed, the ensuing page can still look identical because of the original table, and if it's checked then it'll modification to the traced info (if applicable) and table.












































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