How we can add an SRV record to a Domain?

What are SRV records?

SRV records area unit DNS entries that describe however a site handles specific services. for instance, you will add Associate in Nursing SRV record to your domain after you tack together to SIP or a third-party service, like Microsoft workplace 365.

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# Steps to feature SRV record in cPanel

You can simply add SRV records victimization to the Zone Editor if you have got an Associate in Nursing account together with cPanel access.

Perform the subsequent steps to try to do so:

1.Log into cPanel.
2.On the cPanel home screen, head to the Domains section and click on Zone Editor.

3.Find Associate in Nursingd find the domain that you would like to feature an SRV record, and so click on Manage.

4.Click on Add Record, and so within the list box for kind, select SRV.

5.In the text box for Name, kind the name of a sound SRV record, victimization the format as :

     a._service is employed as a symbolic name for the service. Example, _sip.
     b._protocol is employed as a transport protocol of the service. for instance, _tcp or _udp.

     c.the domain is employed because the name that the SRV record is valid. for instance,

6.In the text box for TTL, kind the TTL (time to live) price or settle for the default price.

7.In the text box for Priority, kind the priority for the SRV record.

8.In the text for Weight, kind the load for the SRV record.

9.In the text box for Port, kind the port variety for the SRV record.

10.In the text box for Target, kind the name of the server that gives the service.

11.Under the Actions section, click on Add Record. cPanel mechanically adds the SRV records to the DNS zone file.

# Steps to feature SRV records victimization reseller hosting account

As a reseller, you'll be able to add SRV records to your customer’s domains victimization WebHost Manager.

Perform the subsequent steps to try to to therefore :

1.Log into WebHost Manager.
2.On the WebHost Manager home screen, click on DNS Functions and so click on Edit DNS Zone.
3.In the list box, choose the domain that you would like to feature Associate in Nursing SRV record and so click on Edit. The Edit DNS Zone page can seem.
4.Scroll down the page and head to the Add New Entries Below this Line section :

5.In In the initial text box, kind the service name and protocol. (For example, _sip._tcp).
6.In the list box for choose, click on SRV. Four extra text boxes can appear:

7.In the text box for Priority, kind the priority for the service. just in case you're undecided concerning what price to use, type 0.

8.In the text box for Weight, kind the load for the service.
9.In case you're undecided concerning what price to use, type 0.

10.In the text box for Port, kind the TCP or UDP port that the service uses.
11.In the text box for Hostname, kind the hostname of the server that gives the service.
(as example:

Click on Save.



















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