Past few days back we got one tickets from our upcomming clients he asking for Live Video Streaming Dedicated Server 10Gbps Port Connection and we asked what is your purpose of using Server’s. He replied he need to live Streaming sports channel, there is one point i missed he also asked for Offshore Dedicated Server “and we are always best for offshore Provider”

There is some resons way Live Video Streaming Dedicated Server with 10Gbps Unmetered Port?

A dedicated server with 10 Gbps unmetered port is a highly efficient solution that can make the quality of hosting so much higher! You can reap multiple benefits from it, including:

  • Considerably faster transfer of data even during traffic spikes.
  • You don’t have to worry about server failures and downtime – performance will stay unalterably high.
  • Exceptional security.
  • Connection exclusivity.

Live Video Streaming Dedicated ServerWith a 10Gbps Unmetered Port, your website will be able to handle Tons of visitors and provide them with absolutely positive user experience.



RevenueServer provide 10 Gbps ports on all our server offers. Find below some suggested configurations. You can always order a regular server with a upgrade to a 10 Gbps Dedicated Server if that fits you better, or you can contact our support team for a competitive quote.

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