Top Features of 10Gbp/S VPS

We are always with you with 24/7 Support services. All you have to do is enjoy the quality digital experience.

SSD NVMe Disk Drives

Say goodbye to traditional mechanical HDD and say hello to the revolutionary (SSD). With its flash-based memory and faster performance, SSDs have become the go-to storage solution for modern computers.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We offer unlimited traffic for both incoming and outgoing data. Yes, you heard that right. There are no limits on the amount of traffic your hosting site or app can receive. And the best part? It's completely free.

VPS Full Root Access

Having full root access means having complete authority over your servers. You can customize your VPS any time. Our native /64 IPv6 block infrastructure ensures that networking issues are kept to a minimum.

Enhanced Performance

You have complete control over the CPU, disk space, RAM, and all other resources. Full root control. There's no need to be concerned about other people's website traffic affecting your website's performance.

Why do you prefer KVM VPS over OpenVz/lxc?

We prefer KVM VPS over OpenVZ/LXC for several compelling reasons. Firstly, KVM VPS offers full virtualization, providing a more isolated environment and ensuring that resources are dedicated to your environment alone. This full virtualization also allows you to run any OS, which increases flexibility and compatibility. Secondly, KVM enables the use of customized kernels, offering better security and functionality. Thirdly, KVM has better performance due to dedicated resources, negating the risk of overselling by hosting providers. KVM VPS delivers a more secure, versatile, and efficient hosting solution than OpenVZ/LXC

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Offshore VPS Pricing

NOT ALLOWED: Pentesting, Phishing & Fraud, Email Spamming or SMTP Spam or Bulk Emails Outgoing, Spoofing, IP Scanner, Crypto Mining, Open Proxy, Child Porn, DDoS and Botnet. If you found to be involved in such activities, your services will be suspended immediately and will NOT be eligible for any refund.

Option (CPU's) Memory (RAM) SSD Storage Unlimited Bandwidth IPv4 Buy Annually get 10% OFF Price (USD) Add to Cart
A 01 vCore 02 GB DDR4 25 GB (RAID0) 1 Gbp/S Shared 01

$ 7.59 /mo

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B 02 vCore 04 GB DDR4 35 GB (RAID0) 1 Gbp/S Shared 01

$ 11.99 /mo

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C 04 vCore 06 GB DDR4 60 GB (RAID0) 1 Gbp/S Shared 01

$ 21.99 /mo

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D 06 vCore 04 GB DDR4 60 GB (RAID0) 1 Gbp/S Shared 01

$ 23.37 /mo

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E 06 vCore 08 GB DDR4 80 GB (RAID0) 1 Gbp/S Shared 01

$ 35.47 /mo

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F 08 vCore 16 GB DDR4 160 GB (RAID0) 1 Gbp/S Shared 01

$ 64.98 /mo

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Additional Cost: 1 Gbp/S Dedicated Bandwidth (Unlimited) = 39 USD/mo

High Performance VPS 16GB RAM, Ignore DMCA

if you are in search of an affordable and highly efficient VPS, consider opting for a 16GB RAM VPS, which we truly consider the best in the market. The key attraction of this inexpensive VPS is that it will be powered by a robust Xeon E5 Processor. This ensures outstanding performance and smooth operation, no matter if you run high-traffic websites or play heavy video games on it. Its location in the Netherlands. The best part about using this VPS its fully DMCA ignored, which provides additional freedom and flexibility in terms of the type of content hosted. Because of this feature, 16GB RAM VPS is a strong contender for best VPS in this time.

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Option (CPU's) Memory (RAM) SSD Storage Unlimited Bandwidth IPv4 Buy Annually get 10% OFF Price (USD) Add to Cart
A 02 vCore 08 GB DDR4 40 GB (RAID0) 10 Gbp/S 5TB 01

$ 19.56 /mo

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B 03 vCore 12 GB DDR4 60 GB (RAID0) 10 Gbp/S 10TB 01

$ 26.98 /mo

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for Kvm Anonymous VPS server outside of your country, our offshore server is a useful option. Before selecting the appropriate hosting plan for yourself or your business, let us address any doubts or inquiries you may have.

1) What are the advantages of Anonymous VPS hosting?

Anonymous VPS allows users to remain completely anonymous, thereby protecting their identity from being known to others. Additionally, anonymous VPS allows users to tackle censorship and access location-restricted content since having an anonymous IP address can bypass regional restrictions. This type of hosting also provides users with the flexibility to customize their server environment as per their needs, which is an indispensable feature for businesses with specific technical specifications. Also, compared to shared hosting, VPS has fewer users per server, ensuring faster load times and smoother performance. Last but not least, VPS is generally more secure than shared hosting since it limits potential security threats to the individual VPS, thus greatly reducing the chance of a cyber attack.

2) Is mining allowed on Kvm VPS?

YES we technically allow mining, it is generally discouraged due to the high resource usage it requires. Mining can lead to server instability and performance issues not only for the miner but also for other users on the same network. Violation of terms of services could lead to account suspension.

3) Anonymous VPS - why choose RevenueServer?

Choosing RevenueServer for anonymous Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting offers numerous benefits. Renowned for its high-quality services, RevenueServer provides a degree of anonymity that exceeds that of traditional hosting platforms. This ensures that your sensitive information is kept secure and private. Apart from the guaranteed privacy, RevenueServer leverages advanced technology to provide high-performance servers with robust security measures. As a result, you can expect increased loading speeds and a reliable uptime that will keep your online operations running smoothly. Furthermore, RevenueServer offers various customizable plans that cater to different needs, from basic operations to high-traffic websites. The company also prides itself on its superior customer service, providing 24/7 support to address any concerns or issues that arise. Lastly, by choosing anonymous VPS hosting with RevenueServer, you support internet freedom. RevenueServer supports the right to privacy and freedom on the internet, providing a service that not only enhances performance but also respects individual rights and freedom.

4) What will happen if i am under ddos attacks?

If DDoS attack is launched against your system, it could cause severe system downtime, disruptions, and potential financial loss. However, we have free DDoS protection in place to safeguard your system from such threats.

5) What is 10Gbps VPS Server?

A 10Gbps VPS Server is an advanced type of Virtual Private Server that is designed to provide ultra-fast data transfers. Central to this high-speed functionality is its 10Gbps bandwidth capability, which allows the server to transmit and receive data at rates of up to 10 billion bits per second. This high data transfer rate makes a 10Gbps VPS Server an ideal choice for businesses and individuals requiring heavy data transmission and low latency, such as video streaming, online gaming, and cloud applications.

6) What CPU Options are Available to Order?

For 10Gbps VPS Hosting, several CPU options are available to order. These include processors like the powerful Xeon E5 and AMD Ryzen. By opting for either of them, you can significantly enhance the processing capabilities of your server, consequently improving the performance and efficiency of your online operations.