Our Kvm VPS Hosting that is Reasonable and Superior

Our Kvm VPS servers built on top of a Tier-3 network architecture that is scalable, stable, and efficient

Dedicated IP
Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Full Root Access
SSD Disk Drives
SSD Disk Drives
100 MB/S Network
1 GB/S Network

Anonymous VPS Packages

Anonymous VPS plans with Intel® Xeon® processors, Solid State Drives, Anti-DDoS security, and hosting in a tier 3 datacenter for almost any reason. Both VPS plans have a built-in control panel that allows you to monitor, install, reboot, and access the emergency console of your server at any time.

1Gbit/S Unlimited Dedicated Uplink (Guaranteed) = 69.00 USD/pm Additional Cost

Packages RAM Dedicated Core/s~CPU Storage Uplink Speed Bandwidth (Shared) Cost Monthly (USD)
Kvm -01 2GB Intel® Xeon1 vCore (Dedicated) 25GB 1 Gbit/SShared Unlimited $7.59/mo ORDER
Kvm -02 4GB Intel® Xeon2 vCore's (Dedicated) 35GB 1 Gbit/SShared Unlimited $11.99/mo ORDER
Kvm -03 6GB Intel® Xeon4 Core's (Dedicated) 60GB 1 Gbit/SShared Unlimited $21.99/mo ORDER
Kvm -04 4GB Intel® Xeon6 Core's (Dedicated) 60GB 1 Gbit/SShared Unlimited $23.37/mo ORDER
Kvm -05 8GB Intel® Xeon6 Core's (Dedicated) 80GB 1 Gbit/SShared Unlimited $35.47/mo ORDER
Kvm -06 12GB Intel® Xeon8 Core's (Dedicated) 180GB 1 Gbit/SShared Unlimited $64.98/mo ORDER

NOT ALLOWED: Pentesting, Phishing & Fraud, Email Spamming or SMTP Spam or Bulk Emails Outgoing, Spoofing, IP Scanner, Crypto Mining, DDoS and Botnet. 100% Service will be Terminated without Notice


100% Uptime Guarantee

The availability of your website is our top priority. We stand by that fact with our uptime guarantee, having 24/7 monitoring service with human person


Enjoy monthly packages without having to agree to a long-term contract; pay monthly and cancel at any time, Long-term contracts are also highly discounted, at up to a 20% discount.

All VPS come with unrestricted bandwidth. This means no more overage fees, no server suspension due to bandwidth allocation exceeding capacity, less headache, with more satisfied consumers

Your VPS is safe from DDoS attacks thanks to our anti-DDoS security. Keep your data and users secure from such a situation, we have you covered with our DDoS protection, We guarantee 100% uptime

For optimum performance and reliability, all of our servers are fitted with enterprise server grade hardware. Your server will be pushed to its limits by Intel E5 processors and pure SSD drives in RAID mode

Why we Need Kvm Based Virtualization?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a server that is hosted on a dedicated device. If you want to host your data on a fast server, you should get a Kvm VPS, because Kvm based virtualization have dedicated Core and RAM, This is where a Kvm VPS with a lot of RAM makes a big difference from Openvz VPS, also we give DDoS protection with all Kvm VPS servers.

25% OFF Lifetime DDoS Protected Servers: $1.99/month*