1st of all we must know about offshore web hosting what it is actually . It’s means any country, just not US. Most of that type companies are accept bitcoin or crypto currency payments. But all Offshore provider is not ignore DMCA (there is also fact that white labeled IP’s).There are many reasons for taking your hosting non US location, offshore hosting has a wider acceptability policy – reasons like hosting copyrighted content, DMCA content , adult content and warez, gambling hosting are few amongst them.


Offshore Web Hosting

There is one point you should not confused offshore web hosting with bulletproof hosting, it’s not allows everything on their servers, like bruteforce activities or DdoS scripts also Phishing script ot like any other hacking tools. A lot of people confuse with those 2 things. If you wish to host such things, you ought to go with bulletproof hosting, which is usually far more expensive. Not every organization or individual feels that they need this, but in a time where invasive surveillance is more prevalent than ever, a little anonymity can not be a bad thing. And this is what offshore web hosting provides.

How to choose a good Provider for Offshore Web Hosting

  • Always pick an offshore that has a money-back guarantee of at least 7 days
  • Check how their technical support is. Open a ticket by asking a rather complicated question

RevenueServer Corporation LTD / Locations: Russia, Germany

Services provided: VPS (OpenVZ and KVM), co-location, web hosting

One of the best-connected providers in Russia. It appears to be a one-man operation and even though this one man runs a tight ship, Excellent for VPN/proxy, DNS redundancy,offshore VPS also Web Hosting and non-critical web front-ends.

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